Welcome! I'm Ada...

Your Dedicated Mental Wellness Coach

Welcome! I'm Ada...

Your Dedicated Mental Wellness Coach

Over 4 years ago, I became a family caregiver to my brother and also worked a full-time job.


With a 2 hour commute each way combined with 12-hour days, coming home to start another shift left me with no time for myself. 

I was tired, fatigued, and stressed out all of the time. It seemed like I had completely forgotten about myself and the things that made me happy. While I was caring for everyone else, I was neglecting myself and my own well-being. Truthfully, I was burnt out.

Life was intense, as it might be for many of you now. Things shifted after one of my managers came to me and said:


“Ada, maybe you need to talk to a coach...” - he was right. 

I started working with coaches, reading books and designing the life that I wanted, while taking care of all my other responsibilities. 


After three decades as a medical practitioner, I finally discovered the missing piece.

On my journey to find balance and rediscover happiness through these intense times, I stumbled upon the world of behavioral design and tiny habits. Learning about its intricacies and the science behind them left me in awe.


Throughout this, I realized one very important thing:

Our current health system is largely focused on disease/symptom management and less so on preventative care that promotes a healthy lifestyle.


At many facilities across the country, mental health patients are stuck in a vicious cycle. Patients are discharged and are readmitted to the hospital citing the exact same issues they were experiencing only days earlier.

At this point, I realized that mental wellness coaching is the missing piece  - a client centered approach that improves access to mental healthcare and offers continued support for patients outside of regular hospital visits and psychotherapy sessions.

I've now made it my mission to help those dealing with stress from work, depression, and anxiety design habits that can transform their lives and lead them towards their dream future!


In my many years of mental health advocacy, I’ve helped hundreds of patients overcome their internal struggles. My goal is to help all of my clients implement sustainable lifestyle changes to improve their overall health and wellness. 

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